The world our children will inhabit is

Our choice is whether they will be able to prosper
or be crushed within it.

At Together Friends Organization,
we know how frustrating it is for kids who are getting left behind.

We've been there ourselves!

To end the frustration, we pay teachers to deliver
after-school & summer programs
to help kids learn
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
integrated with the Arts

... and WOW does it work!

"My idea's changed because once I was able to see and experience all the other careers. I learned a lot and seen a lot and I am very thankful to the teachers and Mr. Buchanan for taking time and doing this. I also did want to change what career I wanted to be when I grew up because of the program. It was very fun and a challenge."

-Venessa Balderas

"At first, I though I was going to do boring stuff like homework and nothing fun. But then after a week the STEAM program turned out to be really fun. I met new people and an amazing teacher (Miss Coefield). I really don't want this to end but I will see when school starts back so I'll be fine."

-Mariyah Goffe